GAAN Technologies Inc. was formed January 1, 2000. The plan was simple. Do something that was enjoyable, and do it at a price that was fair to both parties. To this date, we still strive for this. Over the years, we have gotten the opportunity to work with some wonderful people and we’re glad to say we are still doing what we planned on doing over 16 years ago.

GAAN…. what does that mean? GAAN is a Dutch word meaning to Go…. While that was considered when the company was named, it really didn’t have anything to do with its origin. GAAN stands for G.T., Andrew, Adam and Nancy. I thought about names like Lexington’s IT Company, LEXIT, and other such names. However, I just liked the name GAAN, and while dreaming as every business owner does, I hoped one day GAAN would be like XEROX, a name that meant computer support, like XEROX mean copies. After doing this for a while, I have modified my hope. Today I would hope that GAAN means, “Your Company’s IT Department”.

A Personal Note for those who are interested: My name is G.T. Smith and I’m the owner of GAAN Technologies Inc. When the company was formed, my sons were 6 and 4. Andrew and Adam. I’m proud to say that both of them have worked with me on some projects, and maybe one day they will work beside me. My wife Nancy made GAAN possible, she has been a public school teacher for the past 32 years, and without her support I don’t know if GAAN would have ever been considered. Thanks for taking the time to look a little deeper at GAAN Technologies Inc, and part of what’s behind it. I get to work with some great people, and our employees make GAAN what it is.