Risk Free Guarantee

Have you had a bad experience with an IT service provider? One bad experience is enough to cause any business to question future solution providers and their services. These past experiences also make it difficult for businesses to justify extended commitments to the provider. When we formed GAAN Technologies we based it on the the ethics and customer service that unfortunately seem to be absent from our industry. After all, at its core, I.T. services is a customer service industry. But, because it is an unregulated industry, there are thousands of I.T. providers that just don’t follow the same high standards. Saying that we’re “different” or have the best intentions isn’t enough to gain your trust, though. This is why we created our risk free guarantee.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love our services and phenomenal customer support, and immediately see how different we are from the competition we offer a 6-month risk free trial of any of our contract services. If at any time during your first 6 months with us you don’t feel we are a fit for your business we will cancel the agreement without penalty. We will also work with your business and your new solution provider to ensure a smooth transition.

Nobody likes hassles or long-term commitments with an unfamiliar face, so let’s eliminate both. We don’t believe in asking for your trust in advance. We want to earn that trust.

Let us show you how we can help.